Tutors, speakers and presenters taking part in this year’s London Forex Show offer you an unparalleled opportunity to hear from people in the industry – people who are actively trading, and have an insight and expertise that they can share with delegates. Workshops and seminars are carefully designed to deliver top quality learning – new trading strategies, trading psychology, how to get started and how to optimise your profit. Solid training and ideas that you can put to work, right away, to help improve your trading.

Find out who’s talking where and when,  below:

Tom Hougaard

Born in 1969, in Denmark, Tom Hougaard moved to the United Kingdom in 1992, where he obtained BA and MSc in Economics and Finance. He worked at Chase Manhattan Bank, and left the bank in the year 2000 to manage his personal portfolios. After that, he was employed by a brokerage company and, in 2002, he was made chief market strategist at City Index where he made copious market comments on popular media. He’s also handled trading presentations and written many articles.

Tom is an extremely successful trader who’s been showing others how to make money through his trading room services, articles and others. He owns a website named TraderTom.com. On that website, you can read some insightful articles that reveal some of the greatest trading truths.

Don't miss this chance to see Tom present at the London Forex Show - answering the question, "Technical Analysis or Self Analysis?".

Tom hosts a one hour FX Workshop in the Main Auditorium at 11.00 am. BOOK YOUR SEAT.

ALSO: Special Session for London Forex Show – a 3-hour seminar with Tom Hougaard discussing Price Action FIND OUT MORE

Siam Kidd

Siam Kidd is a full-time investor and trader after losing on the markets consistently for the first 6 years, he simply learned through hard trial and error. He became an RAF Pilot straight out of school and began trading and investing in 2004, he now owns 5 profitable businesses. Siam gained media attention in 2015 when he made over £420k in 30 minutes during the Black Monday crash which he forecasted. Siam is the founder of The Realistic Trader, which is a community of thousands of positive like-minded Crypto investors and traders and in a 4-month period in 2017 he traded his $25k Crypto account up to $1m. His community made over $4.5m profit by following his movements in that period.

His long term passion though is to create his own independent school by 2020 before his eldest son turns 4 as he doesn’t trust or believe in the current education system.

11.00 am - Conference Room 1
"Why Trading is like Business and the Key Metrics You Need To Win"

Stuart McPhee

Stuart McPhee is a private trader, a best-selling author, a personal trading coach, and has consulted to numerous financial services companies in Australia and throughout South East Asia.

He is one of Australia's most compelling speakers on trading, as well as being a trader for over 20 years. Since 2000, he has spoken live in front of tens of thousands of fellow traders from Mumbai to New York, Tokyo to London, Melbourne to Beijing, and many places in between. He has helped countless traders improve their performance with his expertise in technical analysis, trading psychology, risk management, the trading process and developing a trading plan.

Stuart regularly travels and presents at major trading events, presents trading seminars, conducts staff training and personal trading coaching. His best selling trading book, 'Trading in a Nutshell, 4th Edition' (John Wiley) as well as his presentations, are not about vague concepts that don't work in the real world. They are about incredibly practical, time-saving strategies that you need to implement in order to become an extremely successful trader.

9:45 am Main Auditorium
“The 5 Unbreakable Rules of Trading”

Sandy Jadeja

Sandy Jadeja has been involved with the financial markets for 30 years. He was voted in the Top 50 most influential traders during 2011 as well as having received several awards from 2003 – 2015 for Best Education. Having featured regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN and Reuters Mr. Jadeja has provided key turning points for both the Financial Markets as well as the property and global economic cycles which has been documented live on television numerous times. He had been elected several times to provide his unique insights and keynote speeches for international finance ministers and Government agencies and major financial conferences in the UK, South East Asia, China and in Dubai where he forecasted major reversals in the financial markets as well as the property sector. Recently Mr. Jadeja had warned months in advance on TV of the “exact dates” for financial volatility which led to the recent financial turmoil. Currently Mr. Jadeja is the Chief Market Strategist for a an international trading platform provider and also www.mastertradingstrategies.com that caters for beginners as well as professional traders and investors by providing specialist education not found elsewhere. CONTACT: Telephone: +44 (0) 208 809 2427 Mobile: +44 (0) 7961 100 303 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. web: www.mastertradingstrategies.com

2:55 pm Main Auditorium
“Technical Analysis – what the charts can tell you”

Alpesh Patel

Alpesh has more than 220m viewers on his BBC paper review. He has written 18 books translated into 8 languages. 1 asset management company founded. 200 investment columns in the Financial Times. 200 programmes for Bloomberg TV as co-presenter. Number 1 ‘stock picker’ by Financial Times for predicting the FTSE 100 most accurately over a 12 month period. 1 investment software, Alpesh Patel Special Edition of Sharescope, which outperformed all UK company fund managers over the past decade – and Warren Buffet. 250 newsletters a year on the markets via www.investingbetter.com. 50 videos on trading on www.alpeshpatel.com

12:30 pm - Conference Room 1
"The Essentials of All Trading Success: Lessons from mining broker data and leading hedge fund managers"

Sylvia Marshall

For the past two decades, Sylvia Marshall has been at the forefront of British and international business training and development. She has transformed dozens of ailing businesses through a combination of strategic thinking and bold forward-thinking. Her book, ‘Zero to a Million’ became an Amazon Number One and has helped many to launch their own successful business following her simple rules. Sylvia believes that this same philosophy of keeping things simple is the key to successful financial trading.

Moreover, she has proven this by becoming an award winning trader and subsequently launching the Zero To A Million Club (zerotoamillionclub.com) enabling others to do the same. Dedicated to teaching women over forty how to trade the financial markets, the Zero To A Million Club has enabled Members to turn this into a business that can be run from home, even alongside another career. With more than thirty years experience of helping those in the financial sector be the best they can be, Sylvia is a proven and highly respected trainer/mentor in her field, receiving a lifetime achievement award for her work in 2007 and again in 2017.

With more than thirty years experience of helping those in the financial sector be the best they can be, Sylvia is a proven and highly respected trainer/mentor in her field, receiving a lifetime achievement award for her work in 2007. https://zerotoamillionclub.com/

4:00 pm Main Auditorium
What makes a trader?

George Hallmey

George Hallmey has traded professionally for over two decades, specialising in Forex, Commodities and stock indexes. Taking his first trades in the late 70's George has an extensive knowledge market fundamentals that he blends with his unique style of Technical Analysis. http://www.Clickevents.co.uk / http://www.tradersclass.net.

3:30 pm - Conference Room 1
"The Key Forex issues and how to trade them"

Anthony Cheung

Anthony has spent over a decade working at the forefront of financial news. After spending 10-years at a leading news and analysis firm in the capacity of Head of Market Analysis, Anthony joined Amplify in 2015 and is now director of their trading division. His specialism is in fundamental analysis for intra-day markets across assets.

11:40 pm - Conference Room 1
"Trading the news"

Linda Leaney

Linda is the CFO at Globcoin, bringing stablecoins to the next level. She has 20 years experience in Investment Banking, and is passionate on using technology to link the global community and form bridges between the traditional and digital currency worlds. www.globcoin.io

2:00 pm - Conference Room 1
"Stable Coins. What are they and how do they work?"

Tom Tragett

Tom Tragett has been involved in the FX markets for nearly 40 years as a Trader, Fund manager and more recently as a commentator and retail advisor, helping thousands of retail traders navigate their way through the FX markets. Prior to joining Society Financial, Tom spent over a decade working with Fleet Street publications and Agora Financial, where he built up a substantial following amongst UK forex traders. Tom started his FX career in 1979 working for various UK and international banks until 2004 when he made the move to his own home based trading room. From there he continued to trade FX for his own account as well managing funds for institutional clients.

11:00 am - Showcase Theatre
"Elliot Wave- the Long Term Perspective"

Jason Graystone

Since starting his first business at 22 years old, Jason has successfully built and run multi million pound businesses both in the service sector and online. At age 24, Jason found a love for investing. A combination of passive investing and speculation in the financial markets allowed him to adopt a powerful wealth acceleration strategy, helping him achieve complete financial independence and making him a millionaire in his late 20’s. Jason’s contribution in the education space has been recognised as being radically transparent and transferable. His refreshingly honest and insightful approach to helping other traders succeed has since been commended by Forbes magazine which he has been featured in for his innovative work towards trader development. A large part of his trading success was built on a foundation of becoming a business owner first. His obsession with statistics and data is what he believes has led him to discover the missing links in todays trading education.

Jason has a vast global successful trading community made up of serious traders and investors who are part of the Tier One Trading platform.


9.45 am & 3.00 pm - Showcase Theatre
How to bypass every costly common mistake in trading and start profiting

Ed Matts

After reading economics at The University of Oxford, and a successful career as a Citibank trader, Ed Matts was a early adopter of technical market analysis providing highly actionable advice to traders at major financial institutions for over 20 years. Ed is, in many ways, a practical market historian. His speciality is fractals, determining the future from previous price/action, and finding what 'FITS' (Fundamentals, Intermarket Relationships, Technicals and Sentiment) the best with current market. These produce a well rounded, accessible and highly effective new approach to macro trading, and generate clear short and long-term signals. His latest venture, matrixtrade.com has been running since 2016, producing profitable analysis and signals to a growing subscriber base. He is also a regular contributor to the financial press and public speaker on market topics.

10.20 am - Conference Room 1
How to make money in volatile markets

Adam Harris

Adam sold his half of a successful Visual Effects Production Company in early 2008 to focus on growing and managing his own financial investments. He was quickly drawn to trading the financial markets as a viable source of income with no ceiling, as well as its startling parallels with other real- life experiences. Adam’s primary focus is in finding strong and established trends, no matter which market they are in. He happily trades across all instruments and on various timeframes. He employs trading strategies that are sound and intuitive, and most of all, provide real, practical, sensible and consistent results. He joined the Trade With Precision team in early 2015, and is proud to be part of a company with the highest of standards in quality, integrity and goals. Through TWP, he has provided market analysis for high-profile global exchanges including, but not limited to, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and the Futures Institute division of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). As a trader, he is predominantly a Swing Trader, entering positions on the Daily, or 4-hourly timeframe, and is a fan of all asset classes, including the global indices, commodities, currencies and selected equities. Adam also actively trades large funds for a few select firms in London, and is fortunate enough to do a lot of this on his own time, leaving him free to pursue other passions, one of which includes mentoring and transferring any lessons he has learned over the years to other enthusiastic individuals going down the same path. After growing up in beautiful Cape Town, Adam now lives in London, with a view to retiring on the warm, sunny Mediterranean within the next few years.

11:45am - Showcase Theatre
The benefits of trading multiple markets

Kym Watson

Charlie Burton and Kym Watson have been running EzeeTrader since 2002 after retiring from their careers in financial services and fund management. They are active traders in their online trading chat room plus they write a monthly newsletter and teach specific day and swing trading strategies. They also develop automated trading systems for institutional clients aside from their retail trading business. Their focus is always on developing quality trading strategies that deliver and they have many customers who are successfully trading in their own right.

10:35am - Showcase Theatre
The myths and reality of day trading